Vertical Planetary Ball Mill for Glove Box Use

  • Model No.:XQM-0.2S
  • Applications:XQM-0.2S is a kind of supper mini model of vertical planetary ball mill which is specially designed to be used for grinding materials under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere conditions inside the glove box.
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Vertical planetary ball mill is a necessary device of high-tech materials mixing, fine grinding, sample making, new product development and small batch production. Tencan planetary ball mill owns small volume, high efficiency, low noise and functional features which is a ideal equipment for R&D centers, universities, enterprises laboratory to get samples (each experiment can get four samples at the same time). It can be put into the glove box and grind any materials which have to be operated under the vacuum state or inert gas atmosphere inside the glove box.

Planetary Ball Mill has four ball grinding tanks installed on one turntable. When the turntable rotates, the tank axis makes planetary movements, the balls and samples inside the tanks are impacted strongly in high speed movement, and samples are eventually ground into powder. Various kinds of different materials can be ground by the mill with dry or wet method. Minimum granularity of ground powder can be as small as 0.1µm. 

1.Stable revolving speed of the gear transmission ensures the consistency and repeatability of the experiment.
2. Planetary movement principle is adopted in the machine, which has high speed, large energy, high efficiency, small granularity.
3. Four powder samples from different sizes and different materials can be produced at one time.
4. The machine is controlled by frequency converter, you may set ideal rotating speed according to expected experimental result. The converter is equipped with device of under voltage and over-current to protect the motor.
5. The planetary ball mill has functions of timing power off, self-timing forward and reversal rotating. You may select any operation modes of one-way direction, alternation, succession, time setting according to experimental needs, so as to improve efficiency of grinding.
6. Technical features of XQM-2S: small volume, more functions,low center of gravity, stable performance, compact structure, easy operation, reliable safety, lower noise, small loss.

Application Cases of Planetary Ball Mill
Test Report of Grinding Granularity by Planetary Ball Mill
Drive Mode Gear drive or belt drive
Operation Mode Two or four grinding tanks working together
Max Load Capacity Less than 2/3 of total volume of grinding jars
Feed Size of Materials ≤3mm
Output Granule Minimum 0.1µm
Rotational Speed Ratio 1/2
Max.Continuous Operating Time 72 Hours
Materials of Jar stainless steel.agate,nylon,corundum, zirconia,etc

Super Mini Planetary Ball Mill For Glove Box Use
Model No. Voltage Power
Revolution Speed
Rotation Speed
Inner Diameter
of Jar Holder
Max Height 
of Jar
Outline dimension
Net Weight
XQM-0.2S 110V/50Hz、60Hz
or 220V/50Hz for buyer option
90 60-580 120-1160 50 60 220*410*270 24
We provide all kinds of mill pots in any matched size, which are made from following materials of agate, Alumina corundum ceramics, zirconia ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, carborundum ceramics, stainless steel, high wear resistant steel, manganese steel, nylon, PU, cemented carbide, crystal glass, and etc.

Suggestions for Matching Solution About Mill Jars & Materials

We can also provide all kinds of mill balls like stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, PU balls, steel carbon balls, tungsten balls, agate balls, hard metal balls, silicon nitride balls, high wear resistant steel ball, manganese steel balls, nylon balls, cemented carbide, crystal glass and other special metal materials.

Suggestions for Matching Solution About Grinding Medium & Materials

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